How to get Steam Work with games

How do i get steam to work with games just the generic driver Mesa. I have got steam to run but with texture issues green lines and very slow. If somebody can help please Thank you

My graphics card is EVGA 1070. And the game itself runs but with green lines and texture issues and really bad slowness. I’m trying to run the game with just the mesa drivers. because my friend wants to run openSUSE and he couldn’t get steam to work. He runned it on other distros with the mesa drivers just basic but have troubles running here. Please somebody help thank you all gracies to you all

IME nvidia + games require the proprietary blob. I could never run a graphics intensive game with nouveau or gallium, unfortunately.

You probably should include the relevant details, such as desktop, video hardware, actual driver in use and how it is configured (Xorg.log is your friend here), steam output when run from a terminal, etc. Without these - and probably more - I doubt someone will be able to help you.

I still need some help on this. If anybody could please

So the questions asked were;

  • Desktop being used?
  • Graphics card info (need to be root user)?

hwinfo --gfxcard

  • Xorg log. Upload /var/log/Xorg.0.log to SUSE Paste and set to never expire please
  • Open a terminal and run the steam command and review the output upload relevant stuff to SUSE paste like your xorg log.

Or grab some screenshots of the issue and again upload as an image to SUSE Paste.

As already mentioned above, I don’t think you can do this. I would install the proprietary driver for your card (if nvidia or a newish amd), and do the same for your friend.

Do you mind explaining why your friend need the mesa drivers? He/she has either an Intel, nvidia or amd graphics, right? If intel, mesa should provide reliable 3D acceleration, although at least some time ago steam only officially supported nvidia. You may want to check on that.

I have nvidia EVGA 1070 FTW2. I can run nvidia probably no problem in openSUSE. But my friend has a laptop its just intel with no nvidia card in it or nothing, but we always play a game called brain bread on steam we play it on ubuntu based and Arch based hes pc no problems. But he tried it on openSUSE and told me that steam wouldn’t even start for him. I knew the answer to that but i was given it a try without nvidia driver installed because basic driver for opengl should work in Linux. but it could have change i know i always need nvidia. i can try the nvidia drivers out let you guys know what happens. I know i tried not using nvidia on Arch based distro with the game it didn’t work as soon as i install the nvidia driver it worked flawlessly. i might have to help him little bit more and come back and reply here to get help. Thanks for replying all