How to get rid of Open SUSE from the GRUB so I can use Windows again

I tried to install Open SUSE to dual boot with Windows 7, I got the installer to dual boot with windows 7 but thats not what I wanted, I was hoping for more of a live cd kinda thing. So in trying to take it off of the MBR I used Rescatux and that only took Windows off of the boot record so now I cannot boot to Windows. I was able to rig a Win 7 System repair cd to an SD card and that booted the laptop to windows but it didn’t fix the problem. PLEASE someone help me. I did a side by side install of Linuxmint so I could get online to find a solution to this issue. PLEASE PLEASE someone help me!

Not sure what a live CD sort of thing is??? Dual booting is allows you to boot into multiple OS’s but each run seperatly. You can ua VM (virtul Machine) software to run one OS inside another one. Verty confused on what you were expecting :confused:

In any case it would help if you showed use the drive setup you have now. If you have Linuxmint running then open a console and type

sudo fdisk -l (Note that is a lower case L not a one)

copy and paste the out put here. Please go to advanced mode and use code tags around the code so it does not lose it’s format.

Also you might want to say exactly what you want to do since you say you now can boot to Windows.

Most Windows recovery disks contain the fixmbr program which will restore the MBR to its original state.

Reboot using the Windows 7 DVD you have and perform following steps:
1.Select repair your computer in the installation window.
2.Select Recovery tools
3.Select Startup repair
After the repair is finished the GRUB is removed and the WINDOWS BOOT LOADER is reinstalled.Now you can format the partition in which you had installed openSUSE.

Ok after some rooting around, a couple usb sticks and an SD card later, LinuxmMint is gone, I have a Repair disk but the OpenSUSE installer(LOCAL) still shows up as an option. I used the repair disk to do the fixmbr and it took the GRUB away for LinuxMint, so I used the partition formatter for windows to take LinuxMint off(I’ll put it back on once I’ve gotten the OpenSUSE thing off). So now when I boot up, it has OpenSUSE installer first, then Windows. I just the want the opensuse installer off, then I’m gonna put LinuxMint back on.

Your problem started because you use the installer whilst running windows
Big mistake

Read this similar issue
Update from Suse 11.0 to 11.1 - Page 2

It’s an old post and with vista but the fix for you is the same

I used this command "“bootrec.exe /rebuildbcd” but it still didn’t remove the opensuse installer. I’m half tempted to just leave it and to heck with it… for now…

So what is booting your computer now? Is it grub or windows?

If you can boot windows look in the root of C
Do you see the SUSE local installer file/s?
At some point you need to delete those. But first you need to edit the windows boot code by following step 3 here:
Recovering the Vista Bootloader from the DVD - EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

There is an opensuse_hitme.txt file on my C drive No other files/folders i can see

I was expecting: openSUSE11_4_LOCAL.exe

And what about how you are booting now?

Boot the windows DVD
Click on repair -> Next -> Command Prompt -> bootrec.exe /FixMbr -> Enter then Restart.
Voila no more Grub :slight_smile:

Boot the openSUSE DVD
In rescue mode reinstall and reconfigure grub so you can have both entries: windows 7 and openSUSE.

I did this when the resuce cd finally worked but the entry for OpenSUSE is still there.