How to get rid of "attempting download from api, since not found at ..." messages?


I’ve been trying to build Arch packages on a docker container for openSUSE Tumbleweed, the problem is that whenever I run

osc build Arch_Extra x86_64

(regardless of which OBS package sources directory I’m in) I get a series of outputs (like hundreds of lines of it!) with the following general format:

*: attempting download from api, since not found at

where * depends on the package in question (e.g., one package listed when building the plasma-desktop package was Arch:Extra/libatomic_ops). Now I know that after this output osc will try to download the required packages from the API, is there a way to get osc to automatically download Arch packages from the API instead of from As I think this will save me an awful lot of time when building packages.

Thanks for your time,