how to get Plasma Netbook Workspaces in 11.3?

I’ve been fooling around with Gnome-Shell for a while now, which fits nicely on my small-screened (12") laptop, but the openSUSE 11.3 version has proven less-than-stable for me.

Now I am interested in the Plasma Netbook Workspaces, which looks intriguing…

The question is, 1 ] to install it (which I can do from Plasma Netbook Workspace - openSUSE, but the documentation is rather sparce), do I need to run MeeGo, or can I take a stock installation of openSUSE?

I don’t have much luck installing openSUSE via DVD (or DVD image via USB) so I am thinking of installing via the KDE Live CD and then install the Plasma Netbook Workspace.

This is basically how I installed Gnome-Shell (install from the Gnome Live CD, then install Gnome-Shell).

Once it is installed, 2 ] how do I turn it on? Will it be an option in the login screen?

I’ll admit, though, I am more of a Gnome guy, but going to Gnome-Shell may be a half-step towards something like this.

Hello dragonbite,

AFAIK it’s installed by default.

To turn it on just login as usual.
Launch Configure Desktop/Personal Settings through your kickoff menu.
Select the tab General.
Click on Desktop->Workspace.
On your right you’ll see a pull-down selection labeled “Form factor:”.
Click on it and select “Netbook” and then click on the apply button.
There’s no need to log-in and log-out.

Good luck!:wink:

That sounds like it is able to run in a Live CD Session! Now I can’t wait to download the Live CD!

I just did a Netinstall and installed KDE version of openSUSE 11.3. As you said, the option for the netbook is right where you told me, thanks.

Now I just need to figure out how to get it to be how I like it.

Just for quick reference, because it is a bit of a learning curve for me coming from usually using Gnome;

To add an application to the “Favorite” bar, click on the star over the top-left portion of the icon in the search/launcher portion. It took me a bit to figure that out, but now I am setting up for what I plan on using and it is helping.

The other thing that takes a little bit to get used to is that is the lack of the title-bar or application list.