How to get OOo writer URL to open in Firefox?

A problem I’m having with URLs in OpenOffice writer documents:

By pressing ctrl+mouse click, one can open these links externally in a browser. I would assume this to be the standard browser (in my case Firefox), but somehow the links always open in Konqueror.

htm/html documents are setup to be opened by Firefox in my Personal Settings > Fire associations menu, yet this doesn’t seem to work for OOo writer links.

Does anyone know why, and what I can do about it?


PS: I’m running OOO 3, openSUSE 11.1 & KDE 4.3.1, in case that info is helpful …

Works for me](

excellent! changed that setting according to your screenshot, and now things work fine …

(the setting was “in an application based on the contents of the url” – i wonder what part of the url told ooo to call upon konqueror rather than firefox??? meh, never mind … :sarcastic: )

We do our best to please;)