How to get onto Factory?


I’m running OpenSuse 11.3 KDE, and wish to try out factory. I did try to search for information on how to do this, but couldn’t find it. Can anyone point out how to do this?

many thnks,

If you mean KDE factory, then this will help you.
KDE 4.6 beta 1 released! Upgrade in 11.3

Or distro factory?

Thanks, mmarif4u, that was quick! I’m thinking distro factory, but really one of the main reasons was to peep into the newer version of KDE. Which option do you recommend? And if distro factory, would you elaborate on that too, please?


Ok, going with the KDE factory for now, thanks guys.

Well, i would not go for distro factory on a production pc, if you have a testing version sure you can go ahead and test the milestones and report any bugs.
But as i don’t have any testing pc, so i stick with stable distro release with bleeding edge KDE packages like now KDE4.6 beta 1.

And good luck with the KDE upgrade. :slight_smile:

Why don’t we need to upgrade Qt to version 7 as well? KDE 4.6 is built off of it.