how to get networkmanager to ask username for wireless?

I cannot get networkmanager to ask username when I access automatically to wireless network.
in network connection>MY_wireless>general configuration tab connect automatically with priority is checked, als all users may connect to this network is checked
in >>WIFi security tab password is empty, ask for this password every time is checked,
I cannot remove username, if I remove it then click OK button it is not removed becouse if access again to the panel it is still there,
if I modify something to light up the APPLY button then cancel the username appear an advice saying “failed to update connection MY_wireless is missing”
how can I get networkmanager to ask username and password automatically at startup or if I click on the MY_wireless button??

Wireless does not care about a user name, just the password? Unless you are using some form of captive portal or proxy?

I don’t know about what is, if a proxy or other, in my company to have access at the wireless you must provide a username and a password as in network connection>MY_wireless>WIFi security tab is requested with autentication Protected EAP(PEAP) and security WPA/WPA2 enterprise as here

Ahh OK, AFAIK it’s meant to store both the username and password (create a connection profile), there is no popup that is activated to ask once the data is entered.

This is what a captive portal would do, as in open a web browser and ask for the username/password.

Hi malcolm and manythanks, I don’t want to store no password and no username.
as more than one person access at the laptop the person who access has to insert his own username and password to access the network. it’s not possible to have so many users and have access login with the user becouse it is a laptop dedicated to an instrument and everybody can access it
if I store username and ask for this password every time is checked, networkmanager at login ask me the password with a popup
if I try to remove the username it doesn’t allow me
I think there should be a setting to check (like the password ask for this password every time is checked) but for the username “ask for the username every time” but I cannot find it.

not, it doesn’t open a web browser, it ask only for username and password

Yes, I suspected that was the issue, but this is not a feature of NetworkManager as far as I know. Linux expects a user desktop session to be for that user, not multiple ones.

You would need to look at some sort of ‘kiosk’ type session where it logs out the user (or times out), the next user would then login and use the profile stored for that user.

You’re asking about what is commonly a part of 802.1x, which is not usually found in SOHO networks and is commonly implemented by business networks so you logon to the company’s network security at the same time you logon to your wireless.

The first step you’ll need to do is ask your company’s Network Administrator for any files or credentials normally provided for logging in, sometimes it’s just a Username and Password plus a Domain Name, other times you might also be provided with certificates that represent your Username and Password. You’ll also need to know the method of encryption like PEAP (probably most common since that’s standard for Active Directory networks) or variation of EAP (there are several). You can also open up Network Manager and look at what it takes to create an 802.1x network connection, you’ll need info to fill in each of those fields.

Once you have whatever your Network Administrator is willing to provide to you, if he isn’t able to help further you can post here again a description of what he gave you (you shouldn’t actually post the files or content since those would be security sensitive).

You can also search these Forums for posts from others logging into LDAP, Active Directory or network logins.

You’ll need to include your DE, and possibly your Display Manager (or at least whether it’s default or you changed it).


yes, but the user desktop session usercase is not possible, the access is for many people and is not possible to have a user for everyone, but for network needs of username and password becouse these are personal things

also kiosk if it has to have the user with login isn’t useful.

where do you think I can ask for the solution of this networkmanager bug?

The only way this works is for the network to run a captive portal, but then what happens if a user does not log out of the network?

There is no logic for this scenario to work if the desktop session is running. The only way is user X logs in, runs some task, when that task is finished the system automatically logs the user out at task completion…

Perhaps you can describe the use case some more?

1)user 1 switch on the laptop and the login screen appear
2)insert the password for the standar user
3)a popup appear to connect to the network and user insert his own network username and password
4)the user works on the laptop
5)the user switch off or sleep the laptop or the laptop sleep or switch off after 15minutes of inactivity
6)user 76 switch on the laptop and continue from point 2)

OK, but what if user 76 jumps on between steps 4 and 5 if user 1 has moved away from the laptop? The only way you would get this to work is if you have user1, user76 as individual users (who logout after finishing) and running something like ldap for authentication.

Better for the admin of the network to create a specific ‘guest’ user for the access, then ask users to login as specific users.

Is there some sort of audit requirement to track users on the computer?

nothing of serious, user 76 use the network with the credentials of user 1, but, user 1 should disconnect or sleep or shutdown when have finished

as the same as the previous case, if he doesn’t logout user 76 use the network with user 1 credentials

too much users, they are students, and many other people that receive the credentials when they enter the institute and stay there sometimes only for few hours or days, its a mess to create so many users in so many laqptops

its not possible

yes, for this reason, each user is responsible of the use of network an he is precisely identified, its not so serious but every access has to be monitored

Hi tsu manythanks, my DE is plasma kde and I cannot change, display manager is SDDM but I can change.

everything regarded the network access is fixed except username and password like here except the storing password

Yes, understand the issue :slight_smile: Really a bit of a nightmare :wink:

Perhaps a wrapper around nmcli (Network Manager command line tool) to pop open a dialog box and ask for the user/password would be the way to go.

For example;

nmcli device wifi connect SSID-Name password wireless-password

Have a look at the man page for nmcli for more details, you could then have a timer running in the background to say monitor keyboard activity and if none for X minutes disable the network so user has to re-authenticate again…

manythanks malcolm, I’ll try to have a look at nmcli :slight_smile:

KDE KIOSK mode maybe worth looking into