How to get my taskbar back?


I accidentally removed my task-bar from openSUSE(version 11.1 KDE 4.1).

Can anyone tell me how to get my task-bar back??

Thanks in advance…

if u have got locked widgets first unlock them and then right click on a panel -> Add widgets -> Task manager
and it’s it.

Thanks man…

I got the task-bar, but how am I supposed to get the task-bar which was there when I installed my openSUSE??

As a last resort you can delete the .kde or .kde4 folder from your home directory, log out then back in (will act like a first login to the gui). The only problem with this is that you will need to set your desktop back up the way you had it before.

Did that buddy. I lost every thing and the task-bar is still not there??

Why have opensuse guys made it so difficult to get back your task-bar???

Think of it as an adventure! Set the taskbar the way you want it, not the way the opensuse guys want it.

BTW, there are a couple old threads on this topics. If you search for them, you might find how to get the thing back in a couple of clicks. For me, it looks better now than the “standard” look.

If you need to restore the KDE4 panel to it’s defaults then open a terminal and enter the following commands.

kquitapp plasma
rm ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma-appletsrc
plasma &

Thanks to Zarin (kwin dev).

Thanks, but this came a little late. I have already deleted my account and logged in after creating a new account for me. Curiously now when I do a right click on my desktop, it shows me “add panel” option which was no there before…

I am just curious to know that if there is a way to add/remove options which appear when I right click on the desktop.