how to get more reposotories for opensuse ?

i have a enabled a couple of repositories from the community option in open suse 13.2 gnome x86_64 . are there any unofficial repositories for open suse because most of the applications i use are not there in the existing repositories so i had to download the rpm files here are some repositories i enabled : packman, all oss and non-oss repos and numix .

You can

But exercise caution just adding stuff indiscriminately
I personally never use the click to install but grab the url and add it manually
Check what other software that source has and think how it might impact on my system.

The following page URL appears to be only irregularly current although official. Note that for some apps like VideoLAN the version in OSS nowadays is highly recommended over any other so do not just automatically install apps from these other repos believing anything that’s unofficial is better

Additionally, if you are either a Developer or wish to install an app which requires special libraries, the following is a good starting point. Find the language you want additional support and use the appropriate URI when adding your repo(browse using a normal web browser)

So, for instance, based on the above root URI, you might for instance desire enhanced support for Python3 beyond what is in the OSS. If your system is openSUSE 13.2, then the following is an example command that would add the Python3 repo

zypper ar Devel:Languages:Python3:13.2

After you verify you’ve added the repo, you can optionally set the repo to update as part of your system update automatically with something like the following

zypper mr -r Devel:Languages:Python3:13.2 

If you rarely or sporadically use the repo, you can disable the repo and/or disable refreshing to speed up your system updates.