How to get Lightning in the same locale as Thunderbird? Thunderbird is de, but Lightning is en-Us.


ever since the release of Leap 15, I had the issue that the Lightning Calendar would always be shown in English, whereas my system locale is German and Mozilla Thunderbird would also be localized correctly to German. I managed to work around this so far by manually reinstalling the Lightning Addon from Mozilla’s servers after every Thunderbird update, but after the release of Thunderbird 60, I can’t find the corresponding addon package on their servers anymore.
I then tried removing the Lightning addon and reinstalling the packaged version from /usr/lib64/thunderbird/distribution/extensions/ but Lightning remains English. I can even see that the folder /usr/lib64/thunderbird/extensions/ actually contains localization files for Lightning as well, but somehow they don’t get used.

So, my question boils down to two issues:

  1. How can I get Lightning to show me the German localization?
  2. How do I keep package updates from resetting the Lightning locale to English every time?


I think it’s a packaging issue
you can open a bug report
worst case scenario get lightning from AMO
the xpi from the above site includes a ton of languages inc de

Ok, will open a bug report then.

Under the link you provided, I can only find older Lightning packages which aren’t suitable for Thunderbird 60.

I’m currently on my windows box and I have Thunderbird 60 and the included lightning xpi only includes english locale
apparently the lightning devs stopped shipping a separate addon since lightning version 5.4 which does not work with tbird 60
as far as I can tell your only choice is getting the german localized version of Thunderbird extract the lightning xpi and install it on top of opensuse’s release

Thanks, extracting the Lightning extension from the tar archive worked and now Lightning is German again - until the next Thudnerbird update…)

I filed a bug report (1108574). Let’s see what happens…

not necessarily as the extracted xpi will be installed in your profile it will not be overwritten with the next update but you’ll be left using an old version of lightning this is a packaging issue as locales are packaged in a separate rpm but as lightning still comes as an xpi addon I don’t know if it’s possible to ship it’s locale in a separate rpm I think the only feasible choice the opensuse maintainer has is to include all the locales that come with lightning but that would increase it’s size and it might not be what they want