how to get leap 15.2 iso with latest (current) updates


I had to download leap 15.2 and I noticed that the last iso provided (modified) from the website is from June 2020, using this iso results in a lot of updates and time to upgrade a new system. How can I get an iso with latest updates? Also what is the difference between the current and stable folders for the opensuse website?

openSUSE .isos are rarely replaced after their original GA release. If you install with online repos enabled when the installer asks, then further updates immediately post-installation should be between 0 and few, because newer packages online will be used instead of those on the DVD .iso. If you plan to use an .iso only once or possibly twice, you should consider using the NET .iso, which takes only a small space on a CD or USB stick, downloads quickly, installs most packages from online repos, and only downloads those actually needed.