How to get latest Qlandkartegt

OpenSuse 13.1 Amd64bit

Qlandkartegt is a nice package for mapping and has a good interface with garmin (and other) gps devices. I would like to make use of the latest Qlandkartegt release which is 1.7.5. At OpenSuse I cannot find any references to a package above 1.7.1.
A source package for 1.7.5 is available on Sourceforge. My question is has anyone compiled a source package with zypper and how did it go ? Is this a way of getting and using the latest software packages?

I assume (because you did not tell) that you got it from the Application:/Geo repo.

It is up to the maintainer (and without doubt the time and resources he has). My experience is that newer version will be build and available in that repo, but not fom the first day of release (maybe that is a policy of having better stability, I do not know). But you can of course try to contact the maintainer of the repo for more information and probably you can offer your help.

Use Search to search for qlandkartegt. Click on it. Open the openSUSE13.1 item, and click on Unstable Packages.
Then Click on the left item in the one line table: Application:Geo. Click the Users tab. Choose a promising one and send a mail.

BTW, you can not compile/build a software package using zypper. You can download a source tarball and build and install it (and this can turn out to be a trivial task, but it can also be tedious), but it does not involve zypper.

Henke, I was referring to this.

linux-xxxx:~ # zypper source-install
Source package name is a required argument.
linux-xxxx:~ #

That will result in installing the source and the dependancys. But you still have to build it.

If you wish to “build from source”
You should start with reading the relevant build documentation usually included in the source.

Oftentimes, the essential requirements start with
gcc (some variation)

And, the build documentation may also list dependencies, typically libraries (files with functionality)

But, if the app is written in something other than C then you may use other tools.

zypper is a package management app, ie it will manage install, uninstall and updating <after> the code is built and “packaged”


I will keep this option open as I have built from source before. I may go down this path - not sure. I think I misunderstood zypper’s capabilities here.