How to get into game directory?

Installing Worms Armageddon under Wine is a nightmare… >:(
Wine has installed WA for me, but to make the game actually run, I need to CD to its directory in order to move a special configuration file there. CDing along, I’ve reached the Program Files directory (the one Wine mimics, and the one I’ve installed Worms Armageddon into) using the terminal, but I need to get into another folder there, named MicroProse. If I type:

cd MicroProse

nothing happens. I get an annoying error saying that the MicroProse directory doesn’t exist.
Any suggestions? Or even better, does anyone know how to get to the Wine folder using Dolphin, the file manager, through the GUI? Then the whole matter would be really simplified; I could do whatever I wanted in the Wine folder visually.

Not sure of Dolphin but in Konq you need to turn on the hidden files to see the .wine folder. Under it should be drive_c that contains the Windows files.

/home/username/.wine/drive_c/Program Files

You have to be viewing hidden files

Oh… I finally discovered how to do it.
I had to enable viewing of hidden files in my Home folder. And I had been thinking that the Wine programs were installed in the Root folder. :slight_smile: