How to get internet/network access in the teriminal without starting KDE or GNOME

it is recommended to open a new terminal using CTRL + ALT + F1 before performing a “zypper dup” to update the system.
The problem is, i only have network acces when starting KDE or GNOME first because the network manager /accessing tool starts with it. So i cannot directly skip the login to kde and instead going to a new terminal to update the system.

So my question is, how can i get network access without the need to start a graphical desktop first?

You can use nmcli to connect to the Internet. Or setup your internet connection as “system connection” (nowadays called “Allow other users to connect” or similar), the connection will then be established during boot already without any user logged in.

Or use ifup/wicked instead of NetworkManager.

That said, I always did my upgrades inside KDE without any problem. But you shouldn’t expect to fully use your system in the meantime…

You do mean an upgrade to the next openSUSE release with “update the system” I hope. You should not use “zypper dup” to install normal updates.

PS: You don’t “open a new terminal” by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F1. You switch to the already existing text mode terminal, tty0.