How to get GTK Yast in openSUSE LEAP 42.1

I installed Leap 42.1 / GNOME version today from the DVD.
It is a clean install
When i tried to launch software manager i got qt version of yast and not the gtk version.
I had the same problem on 13.2 too and then i saw the below post and installed libyui-gtk6 and libyui-gtk-pkg6 and then i could get back gtk version of yast software manager.
I couldn’t do something similar in LEAP 42.1 as the standard repos (Oss,NonOss,update,Non-oss update) donot have the relevant packages
Kindly advice.

The GTK version has been dropped over a year ago because nobody cared about fixing the bugs that got reported.

Oops, any chance it may work again in 42.2 ?

Yes: volunteer to maintain it, or find somebody who does.

Although it probably has to be adapted to changes in YaST since then too…