How to get GCC and GDB executables

I want to install all GNU Tools , GCC and GDB executables on opensuse10.2, but do not know how to start.

Any help very much appreciated


As 10.2 is not supported anymore, I bet the repos are gone. Better upgrade to 11.1 and then install what you need.

[this assumes you are not incorrectly naming SLED/SLES 10 release 2 as
“opensuse10.2”…if you have SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop or Server 10
you should ask in]

to begin: do you know that openSUSE 10.2 is no longer supported and
therefore has had NO automatic security updates since about this time
last year? <>

that said, if you are intent on running an unpatched system and have
the install DVD, you could go into YaST, add the DVD as a source in
the Repositories section–and remove all online repos, then in YaST
Software Management flip from “Search” to Patterns and then select to
install the bits you need from the Development pattern…i don’t
recall exactly but you need to select (something like) “Base
Development” and C/C++ then you can go back to search and search on
gcc and gdb (one at a time) and add the bits (on the right) that you

without the install DVD you will (i guess, unless someone else can
tell you an easier way) peek through these to settle the dependency
issues which will arise:

my best advice would be, if you wanna develop on openSUSE, pick and
install opensuse 11.x (x being 0, 1, or 2…2 to be released NEXT month)


Thanks Henk and Palladium,

I will upgrade to 11.1 or maybe wait until 11.2. In the meantime will try the procedure given by Palladium using the install DVD

Thank you both for such fast responses.