how to get dropbox to open with dolphin instead of nautilus (files)

when I click on dropbox icon it opens a strange filemanager called files, that I anderstood here to be nautilus , how can I get dropbox to use dolphin instead nautilus (files)??
manythanks, ciao, pier

Do you have any idea which version of openSUSE you use and which desktop environment? We would like top know that before we start giving any advice.

I think dropbox only offers a GTK ‘app’ to interface with GNU/Linux systems, so that may be why (I’m just a student here!).
Have a look at kfilebox, using this requires a two step process. I use the ‘dropbox’ GTK app to establish a link, then open kfilebox to access KDE file manager, in my case Krusader, and this seems to work for me (openSUSE 13.1, KDE 4.14.4).

:)uh, sorry, my sistem is PC=Dell latitude E6510, RAM=8Gb, GPU=GT218 NVS 3100M, CPU=i7 Q 720 @ 1.60GHz, OS=opensuse 13.2 KDE= 4.14.6

manythanx, ciao, pier

I’m not sure how you installed dropbox (or even what parts of it) bt if you follow the following guide it should use dolphin by default in KDE

For me - I didn’t fillow the guide - I simply selected dropbox-servicemenu in Yast and it installed all other dependencies automatically and worked right away in dolphin after I had linked my account.

If you have files (used to be called nautilus) then i’m assuming you have installed either the Gnome 3 desktop environment or a program/package has pulled in Nautilus as a dependency.

I just did a quick search inside KDE with the word “default” and it lists a KDE control module with the name “Default Applications”

It allows you to set the default file manager, maybe this is what you are looking for.

1)dolphin is the default file manager
2)uninstall all dropbox voices, follow the farcusnz guide, it doesn’t works
3)if it helps if I rightclick on dropbox icon and choose help center it opens firefox from wine
manythanx for suggestion, ciao, pier

And what if the OP doesn’t want dropbox? Instead, just wants to open Dolphin to the local system?

if dropbox is calling firefox in wine then something seems peculiar about your system.
I wouldn’t even want to speculate on what that might be.

As far as dropbox goes (if dolphin is your default file manager and is used by all other applications) you could check/try a couple of things.

  1. in yast check to make sure you do not have nautilus-extension-dropbox installed
  2. remove dropbox and instead try kfilebox - a kde frontend for dropbox.
    I haven’t tried kfilebox in a long time and didn’t have much luck with it when I used it in the past - it downloaded the dropbox daemon every time I rebooted my system.

the OP was very specific in what was asked. In case you missed it . . . the title of this thread is “how to get dropbox to open in dolphin instead of nautilus”

This behaviour ties in with the behaviour reported in this thread (affecting apps such as firefox and dropbox)!

Read post #12 onwards.

This is difficult to resolve
Once you have Nautilus doing as it is, it’s difficult to eliminate.
Of course you need to make sure you do not have the nautilus dropbox package installed.
But the problem lies I think in some hidden file/s
It happened to me once, a long time ago
IIRC I did this.
Backed up my files and my .kde4 using a parallel installation
Created a temp user
Deleted my user and all data
Re-created my user
Copied back my files and .kde4

There may be other hidden data you need to keep, such as .thunderbird .wine and hidden chromium stuff in .config and .cache

This was all some time ago

Heh. I scanned the thread title so fast I was thinking Firefox!:shame::embarrassed:

(… also, because that has been a problem in Firefox, in the past.)