How to get Compiz-fusion to work stable!

I have i fresh istallation of 32bits OS11.1 with KDE4.1

Computer have a Nvidia-gfx that should handle Compiz.

So i was trying to start Compiz with cmd compiz-manager
Then i got a message that a screen manager allready is running, so i must try --replace. I did so and then somthing seems to work. The windows start to woble when i move it, so this i a good sign. Suddenly a Crash-message apeares and say that Plasma crash and terminate and system become unstable and very slow.

So what is the different between Plasma and Compize?
How can i run Compiz as default and of course stable?

Hi, I experience the same problem and would need a solution as well :frowning: I don’t even know if it is compiz or kde4 issue.

Use Start-Configure Desktop-Defaul Applications-Window Manager-Use a different window manager and select Compiz. That will make your kde to start automatically with compiz.
For that crashing problem…please check the compiz version.