How to get banshee media player to work with mtp devices

Trying to use banshee to import music into Creative zen mp3 players but a pop up says ‘import to library is not implemented for MTP devices yet’. Anyone know how to fix this?

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I have no idea.
presume you have this installed: ** banshee-1-dmp-mtp**

AFAIK with MTP devices it’s easy just to copy and paste

Yes i do have that package installed. Its really annoying- i can play music on the pc but i cant move the files to my mp3 player. Dont know what to do now. Is there a specialist site for linux compatible mp3 players i should know about?


Does your device show up in Banshee when you connect it? If so you can click on it and tell banshee to sync with it or you can choose to manually do it (in which case you can just drag and drop songs from your library onto the mp3 player icon in banshee and it will transfer the song to the device.) I don’t believe I’ve ever done an “import library” to transfer mp3’s to a device. I use a cheap chinese ripoff of an ipod and it works just fine.

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Problem solved. Thanks.

Can we know HOW?! Please.

:\ “Import to library” doesn’t work for that purpose? If not, maybe it was ijbreakey’s magic words: “… when you connect it?” :slight_smile:

I think the “import to library” was meant to extract the mp3s from the device to banshee, not to import the banshee library to the mp3 device. Which would make sense why MTP devices aren’t supported.

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Ian, A hint of sarcasm in my post was to convey the point that the “HOW” was covered either way in your earlier post.

For example, the “Import Media to Library” feature in Banshee 1.6.0 (from 11.3 M7) imports from local folders, files, or an iTunes media player, into Banshee’s music library. There doesn’t appear to be a similar "export library to media (player) feature in the same menu. I haven’t tried an import yet or needed to, since all my music folders are in one main folder on the PC. I just set the music library path in Preferences and used the “Rescan Music Library” tool.