How to get back the Konqueror-dialog asking for saving?


once, when the times where (a tiny little bit) more happier, Konqueror greeted my
on occasion with a dialogue-box, asking what to do with a file, saving or opening,
even in an application of your choice. Changing the default viewer, the buggy Evince,
didn’t work, but never mind, with a few mouse clicks I could get what I wanted.

I knew it was a precious resource, and danger always lurked in the sombre
question “do not ask this question again”. As you might imagine, in order to
keep life healthy and dangerous, this question can’t be disabled. So great
care has to be spend. Alas, one miserable day, after days of coding, the mouse-precision
wasn’t there anymore, and by accident I hit the bleak spot! Arrrrggghh, I knew
I would never see it again.

Nevertheless, let’s fight fate. I run now again through all of Konqueror’s configurations,
tried a lot, but nope, that precious menu seems lost.
Perhaps “System Settings”?! A glimmer of hope …
Not under “Default Applications”, unfortunately.

Perhaps somebody can tell me how to rise that dialogue from the dead?


Have you check Systemsettings -> File associations
When you select a file type, there should be a check box in the second tab

Aha, actually I didn’t look there, since, as explained in a second thread (“how to remove
evince”), file-associations can’t be stored — however the entries under “Embedding” actually can be
applied (not those under “General”), and so I got that question back.