How to get back floating window on desktop?

I was fooling around the desktop configs. and somehow I lost the floating window with “my computer, open office…” shortcuts etc. I’m not sure what I did or what to look for.

I know this is ultra simple for OSS vets, but I still feel like I’m about to crash the Star Ship Enterprise. Please help. Thanks in advance.

Right click on the desktop and select Add widgets (or Unlock widgets first if they are locked); select File system>Folder view and drag onto the desktop.

I believe that you are talking about the KDE 4 desktop. Right click on the desktop ---->unlock Widgets------->Add widgets------>select Folder view and drag to desktop----->select the size of the window that you want. Right click on the Plasmoid that you just added and select Desktop. This will get your Desktop settings back on your desktop. Then right click anywhere on the desktop and select lock widgets.

etech97 :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks you guys. The magic name I was reaching for is “Desktop Folder.” The correct question I should have asked is, “how do I keep my desktop folder when I choose to have different activities for each desktop.” Me feel so stupid. I appreciate your help!

Hello HealingMindNOS,

AFAIK the only way to do this is by selecting each desktop and adding the “Folder view” widget and configure it.

Good luck!:wink: