How to get back faster pointer movement

I am trying KDE Frameworks 5.10.0 out. I have got the impression that the mouse pointer is moving slower in this desktop environment than what I was used to before in KDE 4 sessions.
It seems that specific mouse settings have not got the desired effects on pointer speed or acceleration. How are the chances to improve this situation?

See what you have in YAST > Mouse.
If you’re using a touchpad, you should also see settings for synaptics (the industry standard for touchpad drivers). If you don’t see something like a synaptics tab, then check whether the synaptics package is installed with the follwing

zypper se synaptics

The openSUSE install should have automatically installed the synaptics package if a touchpad was installed. If it is, on some Desktops a separate synaptics app might be installed.


There is no such a configuration module in my current YaST2 control centre.

If you’re using a touchpad, …

No. - I do not need such an input device on this computer.

How do you think about to compare effects of mouse pointer movements between recent KDE versions?

As you are using KDE, there are several options under System Settings>Input devices>Mouse>Advanced.

This configuration looks as in my KDE 4 session before I updated my desktop environment to KDE Frameworks 5.10.0.

I find that the mapping of device movements to the pointer display adjustments changed somehow.
How many centimeters would you like to move the mouse so that the pointer will be positioned from one edge of the screen to the opposite?