How to get automatic software updates?

Stupid question but how to make apps update automatically? :shame:

The “Automatic Online Update” module in YaST is only for patches? :\

First let me say, what you are asking is quite possible, but I would not recommend just letting everything auto update.
You need to set your repositories in Yast
By default, you should have:

If you are a total noob
I would suggest adding Packman (though you will need to add VLC repo just to add the libdvdcss package-then remove the vlc repo).

So you will have just:
(*You may need a video repo also - nVidia???)

I always manage updates manually in Yast - Software Management and filter by Repositories.

Thanks for the quick reply caf :slight_smile:

The repos I have are: oss, non-oss, updates, packman, nvidia.

So thats all I need to do? :\

Go to Yast > Software > Software Management

In the filter box/drop down - select ‘Repositories’

Click on Updates in the list on the left and all the packages are displayed on the right

Packages with Blue text in them are Updatable.

N.B* If there are ever any in Red. It’s means the version available is older than you have installed. This happens sometimes when packages are rolled back. Click the check box once and it will do a roll back update.

*Also: Remember I have disabled the auto-updater. You don’t need to.

Generally, it’s easiest (if there are lot’s of updates) to go to each repo and then select update all in this list if newer ver avail.

The reason I use this method?

I have lots more repo’s and I need to manage updates. I like to know what is being updated and when. It’s not always convenient to have kernel updates run for eg.

It’s possible you could add the build service repo for the desktop you are using kde/gnome

Index of /repositories/GNOME:/STABLE/openSUSE_11.0

Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE3/openSUSE_11.0

For kde 4 you might be better leaving alone.

Caf, sorry for bugging you but I’m not able to get automatic updates :frowning:

Many updates are available under UPDATE repo but the updater daemon in the system tray is not showing them. Am I missing something? :frowning:

As I don’t use it and don’t have it enabled, I can’t b 100% certain of it’s default setting. You should be able to right click - configure.

A notification only option should be available - I would use that.

Caf, I got it!! :slight_smile:

I right clicked on updater daemon -> Configure Applet and checked “Show available upgrades when backend provides them (for experts only)” option. Now I’m getting software update notifications. I can even select and install them right away :slight_smile:

Anyways thanks much caf :slight_smile:

I am not quite sure because I remember that the terminology is a bit obscure. Right click on the applet, then something like Configure applet (I have a non englisg version so I am not sure about the wording), then in a window there are (among other things) three checkboxes. When the middle one is not checked (it says something about ‘experienced uers’) check it and OK. Now a new tab will show which will contain new versions (not the security ones) of software you have in the repos.

I hope I am right and this is what you want.

hcvv, yes, that’s what I wanted, thanks :slight_smile: