how to generate content.asc for customized opensuse 11.1 based iso?

  1. unzip packages.en.gz and then we update some packages version info and SHA1 value in packages file
  2. generate new suse/setup/descr/packages, and zip it to packages.en.gz
  3. update SHA1 value of packages.en.gz in content file

Then we try to burn an ISO to install, installation fails at the beginning because of incorrect signature of content.

cd:/content invalid signature
Alt+F3 I see the messages:
loading file:/var/adm/mount/content -> /content
sha1 <value>
sha1 not checked
loading file:/var/adm/mount/content.asc -> /content.asc
sha1 <value>
sha1 not checked
cd:/content: signature check failed

my question is how to generate content.asc? thanks in advance!

You can use touch to create an empty content.asc. Why aren’t the SHA1 being checked?

if create an empty content.asc, can you please tell how to generate content.asc?

Try Yast example:
SDB:Creating YaST installation sources - openSUSE