how to fully replace windows 7 with opensuse11.4

ok so i am running on the livecd right now and want to know how to fully install and replace windows

Just start the installer and allow the partitioner to use all diskspace for openSUSE (mind external drives and the like, those should not be partitioned, of course).

Also set the hardware clock to UTC and enable the MBR and boot options.

A clever advice indeed. It means that you should cancel the installation first, call the BIOS setup and change the time to UTC, then start the installation again and make sure that Hardware Clock Set to UTC is checked: Hardware Clock Set to UTC (picture)

The advice is locale independent. If turtle11c lives in a timezone that applies daylight saving, setting the hardware clock to UTC avoids resetting the BIOS clock every six months. Either set it once and never have to do it again or reset it every six months. Unnecessary if you don’t live in a timezone that does not have daylight saving but turtle11c doesn’t give a locale and the advice still works.

It should not be necessary to manually adjust the hardware clock. When you choose UTC for the hardware clock, IIRC the installer will allow you to adjust the system time or sync using NTP (not sure if this applies to openSUSE, but certainly other distros do) and then write this to the hardware clock later using hwclock. It’s not a step users should be expected to know, to convert their local time to UTC.