How to formate your computer?

I hope this is a good place to ask since I didn’t find another suitable forum. How do you formate your computer? I want to make a complete clean start without former use versions leaving behind useless folders and what not when I start my computer.

Help? I can offer virtual cookies :smiley:

First off, the word is format, not formate (sounds more like foreplay)
Secondly, you can use this program :slight_smile:

Sorry, the pains of an online dictionary ^^

Thank you so much but there’s one problem: I have no idea how I’m supposed to install things with .tar.bz2 - do you know if there’s a .rpm version or something since I don’t have Internet on that computer, I can’t use a format that forwards me to an internet address.

And I don’t have Gnome at the moment, I have KDE.

Perhaps this post will be of help:
How do I remove Windows partition and create new partition - openSUSE Forums

  1. You can use the Win XP install cd to delete all your partitions.

  2. Or you can use the GParted live cd to delete all your partitions.

  3. Or you can use the opensuse 11 DVD to reinstall opensuse, and in that process click “Edit Partitions” to delete all partitions before continuing with install.

To be honest, I’m looking to do the opposite. Delete SuSe and add Windows (again). SuSe has offered me nothing but trouble and they haven’t been able to be solved. So even though Windows sucks I’m changing back.

The thing is that when I put the XP disc into my computer and start, the screen first says that it’s checking out the installations on my harddrive, but then it all goes black and it does nothing but buzz a little (I think it’s the fan) so I’m thinking - if I format my computer and remove all the Linux stuff and then put in the XP disc again - it’ll work better. Because my harddrive is basically a mess filled with 10.0 folders and 10.3 and some won’t go away or aren’t being used.

So how do I do then? And I can’t even find a GParted that will be able to install on my computer.

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But the thing is that I don’t want reinstall Linux. I want it completely off my harddrive (and I don’t feel like spending 1000 SEK on a new one just because I can’t format the one I have) so I can install Windows sigh

How do I do that since I can’t use the installation disc?

We certainly understand your problem.

Apparently, the winxp cd is not able to identify a suitable partition in order to install Windows.

Therefore, you need to use your opensuse install cd first in order to delete the partitions first.

And then, finally put in the winxp cd so that you can install Windows.

I hope you have taken a backup of all your personal files.

download & burn to disk Gparted, found here. then boot from it & you should be able to delete unwanted partitions. once done, boot from your windows disc & re-install windows.


I’m trying the ‘delete all the partitions’ first because quite frankly, it’s eight times easier since I don’t have a disc. Question though: two times the installation manager has said that two things (I think one was called NetworkManager-KDE or something) and it said it had failed the ‘integrity’ check (I can’t spell, sorry, but hopefully you know what I mean). I pressed retry a bunch of times but eventually I just chose skip.

Will that affect the deletion process in any way?

What installation manager are you talking about here? The opensuse one? If so; Gparted can completely erase partitions and create new ones, which is what you apprently want to do. What was on those partitions is irrelevant.

thank you everyone for your awesome help. I now have windows again but for some reason my computer thinks I no longer have a “sound card” (direct translation from Swedish). I know it’s not your area but do you have any clue how I can fix it?

On Sun, 06 Jul 2008 23:36:04 GMT
angelsgirl <> wrote:

>thank you everyone for your awesome help. I now have windows again but
>for some reason my computer thinks I no longer have a “sound card”
>(direct translation from Swedish). I know it’s not your area but do you
>have any clue how I can fix it?

Find out what brand and model it is – do you still have the manuals
that came with computer? If not, and it is a plugin card, you can get
that info from the card. If it’s part of the motherboard, I don’t know
how to see it’s info in Windows.

Once you have the brand/model, go to their website and find the driver
for it, download and install it. That should fix it.

Just remembered, if you have a ‘Drivers Disk’ that came with your
computer, it is probably on there. In Windows, just insert that CD and
it will probably give you a menu of drivers to install . . .

Kevin Nathan (Arizona, USA)
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Its quite disheartening to know that you’ve gone back to Windows. Its true that Linux is not for the faint-hearted. However, most problems can be solved with just a little bit of effort in Linux.

I suppose you’ll now be installing Comodo Firewall, Spybot SD, Super Antispyware, SpywareBlaster, Avast antivirus, Auslogics Disk Defragmenter, Ccleaner and all other fancy security apps that you needn’t even worry about in the Linux world.

We wish you more security threats and vulnerabilities coupled with headaches and nervous breakdowns.

Happy Windozing !!!

PS: What’ll you be installing next year ?..Vista or Windoze 7 ?

@CurvyTail: I wish people like you would stop ragging on people who use windows. Much like anything in life, people are free to choose what they wish to. Yes, it is sad to see this person switch back to Windows, however, it is even sadder to see you act like a fanboy, which gives Opensuse a bad name.

I think that it is great that this person gave linux a try; and, who knows, maybe they will decide to try linux again (opensuse or not) in the future; however, when people like you make comments like you have in your last post, I think that it is unlikely. I myself switched back and forth between linux and windows before I became adept enough to use opensuse fulltime on my laptop. It just takes time for people to learn a new OS. And, on a side note, linux distro’s do occasionally get viruses, and rootkits… We just occupy a smaller marketshare than windows, making us less of a target…

Please keep your fanboy comments to yourself, as they are not helping anyone convert people to our wonderfull operating system, but rather turning them away


@angelsgirl: thanks for giving our distro a try; we hope at some point in the future you will be willing to give us a try!

No comment. (Not worth commenting!):cool: