How to format a flash drive?

I just insert a flash drive, in my computer i just right click it and look for “format” like in the windows, but i didn’t see “format” command.Where is it?I’m using linux open suse 10.3. Please help me.Thanks

Are you using KDE or Gnome?
Also, is there any reason you are using 10.3 after such a long time?

> Also, is there any reason you are using 10.3 after such a long time?

long time?
10.3 is supported…
and has been for only 21 months…

and remains stable, dependable and secure…


Does not matter at all. You cannot format any disk as a normal user. These disks mostly contain a FAT32 file system already.

You can format the disk using the Yast partitioner if you want it to have an other filesystem

10.3 old? I manage some systems still running 9.0 Professional.

What heresy 10.3 old rotfl! 10.3 and 9.3 professional still happily runs here.

Sorry, I must be going mad. For some reason I read 10.1, which I believe is no longer supported. Sorry for the offense!

You can follow the following link to format your drive to any extension you want, Linux or Windows.

Programming and Linux: Search results for format flash drive

I also seem to remember doing exactly what has been described above in dolphin once, but that may have been on kubuntu, in which i belive it is possible to format attactchable media. Again, this could just be my stupid brain playing tricks on me!

If you dont want to use the command line, i would definately reccomend using the YaST Partitioner, which is very featureful and quite easy to use.

Thanks, but from where can i start accessing it?

Why not use the terminal…easy.
Just one line command will do the format.
You can refer to my post above.

You can open yast partitioner from yast.

I myself recommend gparted as a graphical partition tool. If you prefer using the commandline, fdisk is the tool you need. Run (…) to understand the latter one.

$ man fdisk