how to foreground after backgrounding and closing shell?

I secure-copied (scp) a file from one box to another. I ctrl-z, I backgrounded, and then quit/exited the parent shell (konsole). I can see the job is still running with “ps aux” but I have no access to it anymore. I can’t view the ‘progress bar’ to see … well … the PROGRESS!

Can I foreground it again somehow? I googled - but nothing.

use the fg command to bring it back to the forground

You can’t reconnect it to a terminal again.

Next time you want to do some long operation but you also want to watch the progress at intervals from different terminals, have a look at the program “screen”. It starts off a terminal session with a CLI shell and you can detach the session and reattach later. Something like this

$ screen
# in new session now
$ some long command
Ctrl-A D
# session detached, back at original shell

Sometime later, from anywhere:

$ screen -r
# reattached to floating session
# your command may or may not have finished