How to foolproof identify Linux partitions?

Hi there,

I installed OpenSUSE 42.2 via USB Stick (Suse Studio Image Writer and latest USB/DVD Version).

Now I would like to delete/Format the whole installation and then do it again. I figured that I would start with deleting the appropriate partitions, created during the openSUSE installation. I was overwhelmed so i just kept the presets and moved on.

I also stumbled over the Linux Reader during my searches. The Windows 10 Partition tool did not show much info.

Heres what the Diskinternals Linux Reader shows:

Btrfs Volume 1 14,52 Gb
c:Windows 8 OS 82.24 Gb NTFS
D: Lenovo 4 Gb Btrfs
E: 119,24Gb Btrfs
F: 119,24 Gb Linux Swap
Fat32 Volume 1 (no name) 260 Mb Fat32
Fat32 Volume 2 (no name) 1000 Mb Fat32
Linux Swap Volume1 2 Gb
NTFS Volume 1(winre_drv) 1000 Mb
NTFS Volume 2 (windows 8 OS) 84 GB
NTFS volume 3 (pbr_drv) 12 Gb NTFS

Hardware: LenovoU330p i5-4210U, 4096MB RAM, DirectX 12, Intel HD Graphics Family.

I took GNOME during the first Installation.

Been reading for hours now, but I dont udnerstand much :confused:
As much as I udnerstood: Delete the Linux swap and all Btrfs, and everything but NTFS partitions? What about the FAT32?
I am trying to keeep the Windows 10 working and reduce the Partition it takes to a minimum, to get the maximum for my opensuse.

Thanks everybody!

a newbe

I have just been told that in my circumstances a dual boot System is inconvenient. Think I will just Format my whole SSD then. A clarifying answer to my question would be still appreciated though.

Thanks again.

Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
Do you have restore media for your Lenovo? Else make a note of your win product key (via eg ProduKey), never know when it might be needed…

If you boot into openSUSE run the command as root user;

gdisk -l /dev/sda

To show what is what…

Depends what you consider inconvenient, rebooting to do something in windows or openSUSE…

Thanks a lot for the info, the advice and the warm welcome malcolmlewis!

Can I ask more miscellaneous things in this thread, or should I open up another thread for each? Is there an appropriate subforum where I could put in all my questions at once, in case I should not ask here?

Best to start a specific item in a new thread in an appropriate sub forum. Forum users have differing areas that they feel comfortable in helping out with so tend to lurk in those sub fora :wink:

Thanks! :slight_smile: