how to fix the bootloder?

Hi, I bought new notebook with suse installed, I managed to delete home, make free space for windows 7 and install it. My problem is that I can access the linux, my notebook runs only windows 7, how can I repair it to let me chose between the two? Please tell me step by step how can I do it? Many thanks in advance.

Boot with openSUSE DVD, choose “Repair Installed System”. Once you’ve booted into the Graphical Repair Tool, Choose “Custom Repair” > “Install new boot loader”. My past experience tells me to not change anything here. You will only get SUSE Linux and SUSE Linux safemode entries but that’s fine.

After the repair completed, reboot you computer and you should be able to start your installed openSUSE system. Now go to Yast > System > Bootloader and then click on “Other” on the bottom right and choose “Propose New Configuration”. Now you should see both openSUSE and Windows entries.

My only concern is that you’ve deleted the /home/ partition. Did you manually set the mount point to somewhere else? If not things might go wrong… I’m not sure because I’ve never tried deleting /home/ partition.

If you ended up with no graphical interface in openSUSE, you can still log in as root and start Yast in textmode.


I also have never tried deleting /home,it contains a number of config files along with user data. I would be inclined to go for a reinstall here,It is usually a simple procedure.You can always post back here if you have trouble.

I should also have mentioned after a reinstall you would have options in the boot loader for both windows and openSUSE.