how to fix logon srceen for multi monitor?

My working setup is a central 30" 2560x1600 screen flanked on each side by rotated 1200x1600 screens. After logging into KDE all is working perfect, no problems there.


But before I log in, the screens are logically arranged [2][1][3] and the two side screens are not rotated. Is there a way to get the correct ordering and rotation for the logon screen? I’m using KDE and whatever the default logon manager is, I haven’t made any changes to those defaults. My box is plain TW with KDE selected.

The current situation is better than old times. It used to be that one had to painfully fiddle with xorg.conf until it worked right. Today, it’s very quick to adjust screen placement and orientation in KDE control panel (though clockwise/counterclockwise buttons are reversed!) quickly, but the cost seems to be the logon screen is wrong.

bump, though I realize nobody probably knows how …

It may be possible to specify relative position and rotation using xorg.conf Monitor sections. See “man xorg.conf”, options Primary, Position/LeftOf/Right/Of and Rotate options.