How to fix Dolphin freeze ups for cut/copy and move -for openSUSE-11.3

For anyone experiencing dolphin freeze ups after updating to KDE 4.5.00

For openSUSE 11.3 users experiencing Dolphin freezing up when cut
and copying use the following link to update dbus-1:

For 64-bit users:

For 32-bit users:

Good Luck!


thanks a million

this worked a treat for me - as i have been trying to upgrade to 4.5 (and now 4.5.1) for the last few weeks but kept hitting the dolphin problem.

thanks very much

Thanks for the updated dbus, worked fine!

Same here… thanks a lot… no more annoying freeze ups.

Glad to help. I would highly recommend saving this file to a back up partition or usb pen
in the event you need to install again.



Can’t download it, I’m getting an Error 404, Object not found. Did someone delete this?

you can get a copy from here:-

Index of /factory/repo/oss/suse

I browsed into the users directory and found the dbus file dbus-1-1.4.0-28.1.i586.rpm. Is that an new upgraded version? Thanks.

It is updated but remember that is part of Factory. I am using right now.

Install it. If you’re not happy with it’s performance, you can always roll back to the previous version.

How does Dolphin perform now that you have updated dbus-1?

Good Luck!


Updated to latest version a while ago, dolphin is working fine from my side.

Good to hear. It was frustrating after updating from 4.4.4 to 4.5.00. Dolphin would freeze up for 20 seconds.

BTW The files are small enough that they can be emailed to another openSUSE 11.3 user.

Have fun everybody!


Yup, it was annoying while just right clicking on file and choosing copy/move etc, even rename or open. But no more that waiting states.
It’s less than 1MB, so should be no problem to email some one.

Thanks for the share.

I downloaded dbus-1-1.3.2-2.6.x86_64.rpm from this directory and did an rpm -U, rebooted and it worked nicely. Thanks

The newest link is bellow to fix this issue (Open Suse 12.3 x64):

dbus-1-1.6.8-2.3.1.x86_64 RPM

This is the source package and will install the binary as a dependent. ** Takes care of the problem nicely - no need to reboot either. **

These forums are a great thing about the open source community. I noticed the problem yesterday, thought it was a problem with my file system - wasted about an hour trying to figure it out. Spent less then 30 minutes finding the problem and solution on the Internet this morning.

can you explain why is this needed, and what this supposedly fixes??
Other than activity linking plugin hang (which is 1) fixed upstream, 2) easily bypassable by disabling the plugin), i am not aware of any other dolphin hangs/slowness.