How to fasten up data transfer to Pendrive(USB 2.0)

I had recently bought a SanDisk 8GB pendrive (USB 2.0) but was quite surprised that the data transfer rate to this drive was very slow (approx. 2-3mb/s) in contrast to an older pendrive (Kingston) which transfers data at the rate of approx 20mb/s. I thought that this new pendrive is a defective one and got it changed to another SanDisk pendrive 8GB. But this problem of slow data transfer rate persisted.
Got it replaced again with a newer Kingston 8GB pendrive USB 2.0 yesterday. The problem is again the same. The data transfer is slow on both Win7 and openSUSE 12.1 KDE.
Is something wrong with software or hardware? Is there any way to increase the data transfer speed?
Please guide me.
My computer config.: Dell Optiplex 330. 2GB RAM. Core2Duo.

Thanks in advance.

You should establish exactly what the claimed transfer speed for the device is. That will be in the manufacturers specs.
For example I found the SanDisk Cruzer Blade
om Amazon with reviews such as:
Average write speed is around 2-3Mb/s
Slow transfer rate (2-4 Mbps)
transfer speed is between 1.5Mb/s to about 5Mb/s depending on what PC i’m using
This is absolutely by far and away the slowest flash drive that I have ever used.

It’s often hard to find the spec, because so often they are not good, so it’s not published.
And you get what you pay for

Thanks for the info. much appreciated

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