How to expand an XFS file system?

my home partition is xfs file system.
I have extra space in my disk, so I want to grow the size of an existing XFS file system . What is a proper way to expand an XFS file system? or how to resize wiht live dvd opensuse 42.1?

Expanding xfs itself is easy - just use xfs_growfs, but you need to expand underlying device first. How to do it depends on whether you are using disk partition directly, LVM, RAID, whether it is encrypted etc. So please provide more information about your setup.

My partition is RAID and separate
They aren’t encrypted
I have two partitions for in the linux
1 root is btrfs
2 home is xfs
I want to resize Home partition in the opensuse but for me error “can’t un mount home”
How to resize with live dvd opensuse 42.1?

You did backup before attempting changing partition parameter changes, right??

َYes, i do with luckyBackup
when I’m on google search find any questions for ubuntu and full replied
but for opensuse and other distributions are too low and not good answered

Well as above it depends on your set up but bas procedure is to change size of the partition or container and then expand the File system.

RAID complicates it of course you need to do that on all drives that have the partition. Also note that you can not do it at all if the partition is mounted so you need to boot from a live media