How to execute script locate in usb drive from autoyast xml control file


In case script locate on DVD , use “file://” i got script executed as expect

when i try to get script locate on usb executed, by use above tags
it does not work

Any suggestion to get script locate on usb execute ?
or any other method

What is the file system on the usb??

Also what permissions?

file system use FAT32
I used instruction in link below to create bootable usb
SuSE install from USB drive - openSUSE

Now i use work around like below
but im not sure , it is right way to do
Do the “file://” suppose to search script location in attach usb ?

<chrooted config:type=“boolean”>false</chrooted>
<debug config:type=“boolean”>true</debug>
test -e $mediadir || mkdir $mediadir
mount $mediadev $mediadir
cp ${mediadir}/SLEStemplates/1.2/ /tmp
sh -x /tmp/
umount $mediadev

On 09/05/2012 06:06 AM, nattaponv wrote:
> <location>file:///SLEStemplates/1.2/</location>

these are the openSUSE forums…

while you might get the right answer here for SUSE Linux Enterprise
Server (SLES) questions, you can never be certain because most people
here have never run SLES…and, you are very likely to get answers from
hopefully helpful people who don’t know that SLES and openSUSE are not
the same…

so, you need to move to the correct forum at
which is where the SLES gurus hang out…

your ID and password here will work there also.