How to execute a windows iso with linux?

Hi opensuse broke my last good keyboard it wont even work at boot time now. all I have is crappy keyboards now and this might be the last time I use linux even tho the only c programming I really know is linux. Is there a way I can execute a 5.7 gb windows 10 iso image with 4.7 gb dvds cause that’s all I can find for sale. I want to reinstall windows 10 with my supported windows 10 key with linux some how but all I have is an iso that can’t fit on any dvd’s I have and the usb I have wont accept the data for some reason from the iso after mounting it and trying to copy paste it. How can I just run this iso to install Windows 10?

Use dd to copy the iso it to an 8gb usb (or bigger) flash drive.
Boot off the flash drive.

Assume /dev/sdc is the flash drive:

cd to where the windows iso is.

sudo dd if=windows11.iso of=/dev/sdc bs=1024K status=progress

Type sync after it finishes to make sure all is on the usb drive.

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my device said this:
dd: error writing ‘/dev/sdb2’: No space left on device
5+0 records in
4+0 records out
4194304 bytes (4.2 MB, 4.0 MiB) copied, 0.0869383 s, 48.2 MB/s

I tried copying the files to the mounted usb stick but it says a file is 4.8 giogs and only cant hold 4gig files at a time.

You cannot write an iso file to a partition it has to be the raw device like /dev/sdb or /dev/sdc
it cannot be /dev/sdb1 or /dev/sdb2 - those are partitions.

is there any way to make my usb a raw device it is currently /dev/sdb2

Your USB drive is most likely formatted FAT32, which has a maximum file size of 4GB. Reformat it NTFS, and the iso will fit, as long as the drive is larger than the file.

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ok thanks do I have to dd the file or can I just copy paste? and work, too.

If you are trying to make a bootable USB drive, simply copying the single iso file to the drive will not get there. Write the iso to the USB drive with SUSE Studio Imagewriter. In that case, FAT 32 formatting is OK. SUSE Studio Imagewriter will take care of any formatting requirements.

image writer gave me this message when I selected the iso:
Sorry, I can’t write this ISO. You need to use another program to write it to a DVD.

and I cant find a dvd big enough to write the image to they are all like 4.7 gigs

Actually I Think I found High Capacity DVDs on Amazon Ill Try that, would be nice tho if I could just run the setup.exe file on the mounted iso with linux.

also unfortunetly i dont think my dvd writer supports double layered dvds so idk what to do im gonna ask on windows forum also jic they can help. thanks for the patience.

I just copy the iso to the USB device (not a partition. The iso is a redy to boot image.

cp isofile /dev/sdX where X is the USB drive If drom Windows you need to do a clean unmodified binary copy to the device.

I did that several times : How to Install Windows 10 for Free - Update

thank you all for the help.

larryr already gave you in the second post of this thread the solution on how to write an installation ISO file system to a mass-storage device. Why all the hassle.

What is on that device now is of no importance, as you are going to overwrite all of it.

Did dd method but the usb wouldn’t boot keep in mind i once tried to install fedora and when the computer started the cd made some noises like it did something to my boot and I once tried to reinstall opensuse but it wouldn’t accept the boot cd again to so could be my computer not wanting to boot into the usb idk.

gonna try cp method now