How to enter to Suse after installing Windows 7

Hi all rotfl!,

I bought a new laptop in which a Linux Suse Enterprise Desktop is installed,
After that, I installed Windows 7 by the common method: Using Gparted CD, but the problem is that after the end of the installing of Windows 7, the latter became as the first only OS installed in, and the grub of Linux Suse has been disabled :(, and the only way to enable the grab (in order to use dual-boot, switch between Suse and Win7) is to use the Linux Suse CD and enter to it for enter some prompt command (as u know;)), but I didn’t get the CD with the attached pack, I got instead of it, a System Recovery CD, the only option shown in the first page is to **restore **the system and not to enter it

Hence my question: How can I enter to linuxSuse **to **enable the grub **to **activate the dual-boot?
Can’t I enable the dual-boot from command line of Windows 7?

I thank everyone will try to help me,
Best regards rotfl!!

Follow this. Read it carefully
Re-Install Grub Quickly with Parted Magic