How to encrypt entire drive during installation

I am in the process of installing openSUSE 11.1 on my company Laptop. I am required to encrypt the entire drive. Can someone point me to documentation with step by step instructions on using the Expert Partitioner during the installation to create a encrypted drive?

I refer to the following link:
Encrypted Root File System - openSUSE

Thanks for the reply. I have been a SUSE user for a couple of years and have used this method before. You are also given the opportunity to encrypt individual partitions during the installation. I was under the impression the the version 11.1 installation process included the option to encrypt the entire drive like UBUNTU, Debian and Fedora 9 currently do. Hopefully openSUSE will add this functionality in their installation process one of these days. This will make it easier to get a secure machine up and running faster with less steps.:frowning:

I only gave you the link because I have read it earlier. I do not know of any more direct method to do it during install. Did not us it myself. When you do not find any indication that a better method is available now on any documentation of 11.1, I doubt that it exists. They would have proudly spraid te message around wouldn’t they? :wink: