How to enable WIjesekara Input method in fcitx Opensuse 13.2

I’m from Sri Lanka and I’m very familier with Wijesekara Input method for typing in Sinhala. iBus and scim had that input method but now fcitx provides the phonetic input methods only. As sinhala has some additional parts to attach with the letters, we used the WIjesekara Keyboard layout to type in sinhala. It’s not the method of typing the words as phonetic, but it’s too easy to type in sinhala using wijesekara layout. when we use phonetic keyboard layout, it’s hard to type some sinhala letters because we should have to press too many keys to type one sinhala letter. It’s time consuming and very hard to type the accurate words/letters. as most of the users are familiar with the wijesekara layout, it’s very helpful to add the wijesekara input method to the fcitx.
So, I need to know if there any possibility to activate the wijesekara typing method to the opensuse 13.2.

Install this package:

And logout and login, then you should be able to add “wijesekera (M17N)” in fcitx.

**Thank you very much dear csslayer

it worked well. Now I can type sinhala very easily.**