How to enable the KDE Netbook interface


I just installed KDE for 12.1 on my netbook. In the openSUSE wiki there is a recommendation to enable the KDE lightweight netbook interface. These are the instructions in the wiki for enabling it:

To enable the Netbook interface, go to System settings, choose ‘Desktop’, choose ‘workspace’ and under Form Factor choose Netbook.

In KDE I can find System settings in three places. None of them have an option to choose Desktop. So I’m missing something, what is it?


Not speaking from experience, since I don’t have a netbook, but searching this wiki I get

System Settings -> Workspace Behavior -> Workspace -> Workspace Type

Could that be it?

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On 01/21/2012 08:46 AM, swerdna wrote:
> So I’m missing something, what is it?

i found the instructions you quote on and note that (like so
many wiki pages) there is neither a KDE version number or last update
date/time visible anywhere on that page…

so, i click on the “History” link on that page and see the last time it
was touched was December 2011, and the only thing done was “added the
link to italian wiki”…

other such changes were made all the way back to 22 July 2010 when the
how-to words you quoted were written into the page…

so given the date of the instructions i’d say they must be for (about)
KDE4.3.x or 4.4.x which was shipped with the seven days earlier release
of openSUSE 11.3…

but, you are probably not running that…

that said, i think one of these trails may lead you to something
similar (i do not know what the wiki instructions led to):

Personal Settings - Configure Desktop > Workspace Appearance and
Behavior > Workspace Appearance > Windows Decorations, choose “Laptop”

Personal Settings - Configure Desktop > Workspace Appearance and
Behavior > Workspace Appearance > Desktop Theme, choose “Air for netbook”

note: my instructions are for my default installed KDE4.6.0 (and it
seems an awful lot of work must go on to move stuff around and re-name
it with each new interim release, so . . .)

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Thanks guys, Carl’s screenshot did the trick.

DD the wiki page is interesting, I tried to use that path earlier, even changed to “classic menu style” to see if the KDE default menu would follow the wiki – no way. So far as I can tell, it must have been wrong advice when it was written in late 2011. It appears like someone copy/pasted the wrong instructions verbatim from KDE without ever testing them.

AFAIK the netbook interface is one of the possible Activities. If not available straight away (reuse of ~/.kde4), you can create a new one.

Thanks to all: I got it working and don’t like it on my netbook, switched back to vanilla KDE with effects set to “off”. KDE standard is hard to beat (IMHO of course).

I recently acquired a EeePC. It arrived with win7 starter. :smiley: Yes. I wiped it.
I pulled the 1GB RAM and popped in the max 2GB
I’ve done the rounds with this thing and by far the best is 11.4 Gnome 2 (I use kernel 3 +> for better wireless)
LXDE is quick but it has a panel problem, it’s not as nice a Gnome 2 and it doesn’t offer any boost over Gnome 2.
I’ve had the other distros there ans still have Ubuntu (unity) but I use 2D, and it’s not as good as openSUSE 11.4
Yes, I tried 12.1, kde and gnome and the rest. Gnome3 fallback was OK, but still not close to 11.4

I’m beginning to wish they would make 11.4 evergreen.