How to enable remote syslog udp/tcp logging on leap 42.1?


I’m using remote logging on versions before leap 42.1 wiht syslog-ng
How can I do that with leap 42.1? Which is the new logger?
I have the following for syslog-ng

destination r_all { file("/var/log/hosts/$HOST" perm(0644)); };
log { source(r_src); destination(r_all); };
log { source(r_src_udp); destination(r_all); };

Any hints?

Greetings and thanks


A quick search revealed the following:

Enable syslog-ng with the syslog-ng.service service file. As of systemd 216, messages are no longer forwarded to syslog by default. Syslog-ng did not become journald aware until months later with the release of syslog-ng 3.6. This meant that if you were running systemd 216 or greater and syslog-ng you needed to set the option ForwardToSyslog=yes in /etc/systemd/journald.conf to actually use syslog-ng with journald.

There is however an issue – default Leap 42.1 only offers syslog-ng Version: 3.7.3-3.1; Tumbleweed is however offering syslog-ng Version 3.8.1.
[HR][/HR]Yes, I was quite surprised because, the last information I saw was that, systemd would not be supporting remote logging in the manner that syslog has been doing for years . . .

I do not know about syslog-ng, but I currently have rsyslog running on openSuSE versions 11.4, 13.1, 13.2 Leap-42.1 and Tumbleweed. It works seamlessly with systemd/journalctl systems. Remote logging is well documented and verging on trivial.

Thanks for all answers. Will have a look to both solutions!!