How to enable radeonhd driver?

I have installed that package with Yast, but vesa is still on. How do i enable radeonhd driver?

Try re-running the sax2 configuration, boot with the added boot option ‘init 3’ so X is not running , log into the console as root and run sax2 specifying to use the radeon driver:

sax2 -r -m 0=radeon

If it’s the ATI proprietary driver you are looking for, have a look here : ATI - openSUSE


I see he asked for the radeonhd driver, so rather run:

sax2 -r -m 0=radeonhd

I have this card ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

Seems that and opensuse 11.1 beta3 doesnt work together. If i put sax2 -r -m 0=radeonhd, sax fails to start.