How to enable pop-up alarms/alerts from Korganizer?

In Mandriva 2009.1 and previous versions I could enter appointments into the Kontact calendar (or should it be kalendar :)) and get pop-up alerts by enabling reminders. The Kontact reminder daemon running in the system tray seemed to handle these.

In opensuse 11.2 I can’t seem to get the reminder daemon to show in my system try (i tried starting korgac from terminal) and the alerts don’t seem to work.

Any idea?

First make sure it’s not running but just hidden in the auto hide.
With it running, right click and configure ‘Start Reminders at Login’

Make sure you configure individual 'To Do’s… etc with a reminder check.

Hmm if I r-click on the sys tray and bring up the settings under ‘Automatic Hide’ I can see it, and it’s enabled. It doesn’t however show up in the sys tray. Any ideas how to fix that?

On the left edge of the sys tray there is a small triangle, click it to show/hide icons. If korganizer is not there you need to start it first. Then right click the korganizer icon to configure it

Aha! thanks that did it

You are welcome;)