how to enable keyboard shortcuts in KDE4.1?

I read on this forum that this can be done via ‘Input Actions’ in SystemSettings, but to no avail.
I configured several keyboard shortcuts for items in my Kmenu, created a new input action in systemsettings/advanced/inputactions, but nothing happens when I use those keyboard shortcuts.
Even the actions given as examples
After pressing Win+E (Tux+E), WWW browser will be launched and it will open K Desktop Environment - Be free
will not work!

Did anyone manage to launch an app in KDE 4.12 with a keyboard shortcut?

All I’ve been able to do is unhide yakuake. That starts up hidden and allows you to set a key combination to open. I’ve been looking for keyboard shortcuts as well.

I found that keyboard shortcuts can also be defined in systemsettings/keyboard&mouse.
In there, the Keyboardshortcuts defined for Kwin work (moving from one desktop to another etc.). Before Kmenu keyboard shortcuts still do not work.

So again, can anyone launch an app with a keyboard shortcut in KDE4.12?