How to enable java runtime environment?

I tried a lot but I can’ t enable java in firefox. I’ ve installed java jre 1.6.20, I created symbolic shorcut to .mozilla/plugins directory but it doesn’ t work. By the way /plugins directory wasn’ esixt and i created it in .mozilla dir. I use opensuse 11.2 and firefox 3.6.3.
Any idea?

In firefox type


what does it show

you could always remove the jdk version and install the sun java
like this
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I see some plugins but don’ t see anything related about java.

Go to Yast and first make sure you switch to the QT UI
How To Get QT zypper GUI in GNOME YAST - openSUSE Forums
(you may need to logout or reboot after doing this)

Then go to software management
remove java jdk
Install sun java, see the screen I posted above earlier.

Dear caf4926,
Thank you for your help. Honestly, I wouldn’ expect this quick responses. I am at work now and when I go to home I’ ll try your suggestions.

No problem;)

Yes yes yes, it is solved. Thank you very much…

We are here to serve.
Happy you sorted it;)