How to enable Java run time x64

Hi Guys,

I’ve installed 64-bit jre (java runtime) under Suse 11.0 and in firefox it is enabled. However, I’m still not able to see java applications in firefox.

How do I enable it? For 32-bit java there are instrunctions available, but not for the 64-bit version.

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Hi Andy,

You’ve moved my question to the section where it belongs.
Are you also the one who can help me out because I couldn’t find any answers on my question under Application group.

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do you have nsplugin wrapper installed ?


Yes I do have it.

nswrapperplugin won’t help with Java

You have 2 ways use the openjdk/icedtea or install 32 bit browser with a 32 bit java. I’m presuming we’re talking FF as konq shouldn’t need either fix.

Openjdk with my little experience with icedtea6 doesn’t work with everything but does work with lots.

Please try the following procedure:
From the package manager install openjdk and openjdk-plugin (these are not the exact names bu searching openjdk in yast package manager should do).
Now restart firefox and in the addons manager check if the plugin that handles java has been installed. Test if java is working by visiting sites containing java applets.

Note that the above requires installing the community version of java which can coexist with the sun’s version of jre, so there is no need to uninstall jre.

Hi Guys,

It is working. :slight_smile:

I’ve already had openjdk installed but the openjdk-plugin was missing.

Many thanks.

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