How to enable Firewall ports for use by aMSN?

Advice on the aMSN forum/wiki tells me that I have to open ports 6891+ in my Firewall before I can transfer files via aMSN. Should I be opening these ports using the ‘Allowed Services’ or ‘Custom Rules’ part of SuSE firewall configuration? If the latter, what ‘source network’ should I specify - 0/0 ?

Use Allowed Services → Advanced
You can specify ports in the Advanced section as a space separated list, including a range, like this e.g. 66 398 2222:2229

Great Thanks.
Well, I had a 50% chance of picking the wright one, so I finessed by using both! Now I know which one to undo. Your guidance also answers an ancillary question - about how to specify non-contiguous port numbers in one data entry field. btw I notice that having entered a custom rule, it does not appear possible to edit it - the choices are only ‘add’ and ‘delete’. If my assessment is correct, that must have been developed by ex-IBM programmers circa mid-1970s.