How To - Enable desktop effects on Dual Head setup.

Hi guys,
For noobs with Opensuse like me,the following guide will enable you to run Opensuse desktop effects on dual screen setup. Compiz just doesn’t work with dual screens (at least with me).

Just so you know, this is what I’ve got:

  • Intel based HP workstation
  • Nvidia FX card
  • OpenSuse 11.0
  • KDE 4.1 (latest update) - the setup will work with KDE4

I had to install Nvidia the manual way. There’s countless posts on how to do that. In a nutshell:

  • Yast Kernel-Sources
  • Download Nvidia latest driver to your hard disk.
  • Su and init 3
  • Su, Unzip and sh Nvidiaxx.xx -q
  • Follow the prompt

Then You will be asked to Sax2 Do it with device 0=nvidia (sorry can’t remember the exact command).

Now, the fun part. For a week or so, I ran Nvidia configuration utility with manual Xorg tweaks to get optimal resolution with my dual monitors. Couldn’t enable any effects till I ran Sax2 in GUI format:

  • Click on Start -> Applications ->System -> Administratos settings (one way of getting Yast Gui up).

  • Within Yast, click on Hardware -> Card and Monitor Properties.

  • Within Mointor, you will see a Display 1 tab, make sure you’re card is detected; then update the monitor properties with correct resolution and colors.

  • In Dual Head Mode, click on Activate dual Head Mode, click Configure and enable Xinerama Multihead and chose the correct arrangement.

  • OK and restart Xorg.

Under your own profile, now go to “Configure Desktop”, click on Desktop, and tick “Enable Desktop Effects” and you’re done.

Enjoy the new and slick look.