How to enable atheros wlan

I’m new to Opensuse, and don’t know a lot about it.
My problem is that my network adapter seems to be disabled, I checked this file: /var/log/NetworkManager, this tells me the following, Wifi hardware radio set enabled and than wifi disabled by radio killswitch; enabled by state file.
Next I checked Yast2 hardware information: Atheros WLAN controller, under drivers it says, Hwcfg bus: pci, Kernal Driver: ath9k, Model: Atheros WLAN controller, Old unique key: AVTU.H5RAfYdeFm9 and Parent Unique ID: qTvu.E08RIX_0lM2
The Enable wireless option does not do anything upon clicking.
I read the sticky threads but I still don’t know what to do.
Out of this line: wifi disabled by radio killswitch; enabled by state file. i guess, the radio killswitch disabled WIFI and that it can be enabled by the state file, but I don’t know how to do this.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

You need to install the package called rfkill;

zypper in rfkill
rfkill list
rfkill unblock n

Where n is the identifies from the list.

how do I install rfkill without internet?
do you mean n=ath9k?

From the install medium. just open a terminal, switch to root user (su -) and run the zypper command and the others indicated in the previous post.

After completely unplugging everything, I managed to move it all closer to the router, and after a long search i found a spare LAN cable. Installing now, but the installer also wants to install 200 other packages so it’s going to take a while.
Thanks for your help

Yes, probably some updates etc :wink:

the konsole says rfkill command not found

So, switch to root user and install it :wink:

su -
zypper in rfkill

It does need to be run as root user as well.

Oke found that, now the konsole says: 1: phy0 Wireless LAN
soft blocked: no
hard blocked: yes
unblock 1 does not work

OOOOOMMMMGGG i am so stupid, i pressed fn f12 and now there is no hard blocked anymore
thanks for your help

Not at all stupid, you looked in all the right places, narrowed down the issue, posted good details on the issue :slight_smile: You just needed some pointers for tools, and worked out that hard blocked means a physical (or function) switch :wink:

So, welcome to openSUSE and the forum :slight_smile: :slight_smile: