how to enable 3D effect for ACER GD245HQ?


I’ve got a notebook with NVIDIA 3100M NVS and the resolution of notebook display is 1920X1080 but the frequency is only 60HZ. Now, I’ve got a Acer GD245HQ 3D display with frequency 110HZ which should support 3D display. However, when I connect my Acer display to notebook and I found that the frequency is only 60 HZ. I am just wondering how can I make the external Acer display to 110HZ so that it can support 3D effect?

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The ability to use any frequency would depend on what your video chipset supports. If you install the nVIDIA proprietary video driver you can install the nvidia-settings application from YaST and use it to set the resolution and scan rate, but the latter is based on what your monitor supports and what your video card supports in combination. Finally, as far as I know, the scan rate effects only monitor clarity but not your ability to display 3D effects. Have a look at installing the proprietary nVIDIA video driver and then using YaST to install nvidia-settings application. Make sure your Laptop does not use the Optimus Technology for dual video chipset support to reduce power consumption when high performance video is not required and is always just uses an nVIDIA video card.

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